Protein is one of the three major, or macro, nutrients. Unlike carbohydrates and fats (the other two types of macronutrents), proteins are comprised of nitrogen-containing groups called amino acids. There are about 20 different types of amino acids commonly found in foods. All of them are important for building and[…]

Know Your Protein Powders

You want to take creatine, but you fear the bloat. You are uneasy, and that’s understandable. People have told you about bloat while taking creatine. There is additional water retention with creatine, and that’s the cause right? Well… Maybe it’s the cause. Maybe it’s something else. Let’s remove the maybe[…]

Dat Creatine Bloat

The Quick Lowdown NUTRITIOUS– Lots of nutrients in just one serving! Vitamins, essential minerals, fiber and much more. VERSATILE– Easy to add to lots of different recipes. Like smoothies for breakfast, salad at lunch, sauteed at dinner. DETOX– High levels detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, and cancer fighting compounds Here’s a nutritional breakdown[…]

Get your greens in.