20 Snacks That Burn Fat

20 Snacks That Burn Fat

Weight Loss – Simple Foods that Burn Fat

1. Cinnamon
– Studies show that cinnamon can curtail your appetit
2. Hot Peppers
– Peppers can give a shot metabolism boost

3. Grapefruit
– Full of fiber for better digestion

4. Watermelon
– The properties of watermelon fill you up without calories

5. Sweet Potato
– Full of fiber and protein

6. Eggs
– Digest slowly and have few calories

7. Coffee
– Does stimulate fat burning a little

8. Vinegar
– Early research shows it can help break down fat

9. Milk
– Digests slowly and keeps you feeling full

10. Beans
– Often overlooked but full of fiber

11. Oatmeal
– Whole grains and makes you feel full

12. Celery
– Mostly vitamins and water

13. Blueberries
– Loaded with antioxidants and fiber

14. Greek Yogurt
– Lots of protein , very little fat and carbs

15. Green Tea
– Stimulates the metabolism for a few minutes

16. Chicken Breast
– Keeps you feeling full for longer

17. Ice Water
– Your body expends energy to warm it up

18. Almonds
– Contain good fats that digest well

19. Apples
– Contain flavonoids which are know for fighting fat

20. Flaxseed
– Also contain good fats for good health

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