10 Fastest Ways To Lose Weight


For those seeking quick weight loss tips, look no further. This informative guide will provide a some suggestions and fast weight loss tips to aid those wishing to drop a few pounds before summer. The bikini and swimsuit season is fast approaching, and it’s now or never when it comes to losing weight. Carrying excess kilos damages self-esteem, so read on to discover several fast weight loss tips.

1. Fasting
This method can produce quick results. It involves eating normally for two days, then fasting (eating nothing) for the third. This process repeats in a cycle until the desired weight is lost. Drink water regularly to suppress hunger pangs.

2. Cutting Out Carbs
As the recent trend of weight loss diets has proven, eliminating carbs is a sure-fire way to drop the pounds. This means cutting all starch out of your diet, which means no bread, cereals, rice, potato or sugar. Some carb-cutters have reported a loss of a half-stone in two weeks. Read on for more quick weight loss tips.

3. Cutting Out Fats
Buy lean meat, try grilling instead of frying, and buy skim milk instead of full fat. Buy vegetable oil spread instead of butter.

4. Drink Lots of Water
It’s been scientifically proven that drinking water regularly is one of the fast weight loss tips around. Make sure you drink at least five or six glasses a day.

5. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise.
Health experts recommend at least forty five minutes of exercise a day. Although this may seem daunting, it can be easily split up into three fifteen minute segments. Read on for more quick weight loss tips.

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6. Eliminate Soda
Drinks such as soda, coke and pop are nearly one hundred percent sugar. Cut them out of your diet and replace them with water to see fast results. Both your body and your teeth will be grateful for it!

7. Don’t Eat After Seven PM
Your body finds it harder to digest food consumed after this time. Try scheduling your evening meal for six p.m.

8. Avoid Snacking
Don’t buy unhealthy foods such as chips or chocolate if you can’t resist a nibble in the evening or between meals. The average human consumes up to 600 calories a day in snacks. Try pre-chopped carrot or celery sticks instead.

9. Nutri-Shake Meal Plans
Some diets recommend a nutritional milkshake as a meal replacement. One healthy meal of six hundred calories is consumed at lunch, with two vitamin shakes for breakfast and dinner.

10. Dedication and Willpower
No weight-loss regiment will succeed without determination. Keep a motivational photograph of how you want to look on your fridge door to curb cravings.
The above fast weight loss tips are guaranteed to help you lose weight. Good luck! Remember to combine these quick weight loss tips with a healthy lifestyle and exercise regimen.

by Michael Nordeen

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