20 Top Post Workout Foods

20 Top Post Workout Foods


1. Sweet Potato or Squash: Pre-cook baked sweet potatoes in large batches in the oven, slow cooker or pressure cooker, or dice up squashes like pumpkin or butternut squash and roast in the oven. Both taste great when eaten chilled and topped with a little cinnamon.

2. Vegetables: Toss raw vegetables like carrots, broccoli, or pepper slices in olive oil, salt and pepper, or sauté a variety of vegetables like kale, spinach, and mushrooms ahead of time to serve on top a protein source.

3. Beets: Make your own beet chips or roast them whole in the oven and dice up. You can pair diced beets with vegetables, avocado, or slice nuts. (Yes, your pee will turn red. Don’t be alarmed.)

4. Plantains: Pre-make fried plantains in coconut oil. Add unrefined sea salt and honey for a sweet and salty kick.

5. Smoothies: Make a smoothie using coconut milk, pumpkin or sweet potato, coconut oil, berries and/or nut butter for a post-workout source of both carbohydrate and fat.

6. Applesauce: Make your own apple sauce “mash” in large batches and separate into travel-friendly jars so they’re easy to grab when you need them.

7. Fruit: Easy go-to fruits include pre-washed fresh strawberries or raspberries, watermelon, apples, peaches, and bananas depending on the season. These should be utilized second to starchy carbohydrates like sweet potatoes as fruit is high in fructose which metabolizes differently in the body.

8. Homemade Bars: Make your own homemade bars with ingredients like sweet potatoes and eggs for a post-workout source of both carbohydrates, protein and fats.

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9. Meat: Pre-cook a variety of meats like chicken or steak and cut into strips, or make meatballs, patties, or sausages from ground beef or pork so they’re easy to grab when you need them.

10. Hard Boiled Eggs: Cook large batches of hard-boiled eggs and section throughout the week accordingly. If you pack your post-workout meal the night before, peel the eggs ahead of time so they’re ready to eat and “less messy” when you’re at work or the gym.

11. Canned Tuna or Salmon: Get wild-caught tuna or salmon packed in water (without added soy or preservatives) for an easy protein that doesn’t need refrigeration. Mix with guacamole or avocado to give it extra flavor.

12. Shrimp or Fish: Pre-cook large batches of shrimp or fish like cod and salmon. Remove the tails (shrimp) or skin (fish) so they are easy to take with you and eat post-workout.


13. Coconut Oil: Add coconut oil to sweet potato or squashes, or add into smoothies.

14. Nut Butters: Nut butters like almond butter can be added to smoothies or sweet potatoes, or used as a dip for raw vegetables like carrots.

15. Coconut Milk: Drink strait, add into smoothies, or top on top of berries or fruit.

16. Avocado: Cut open and eat solo with a spoon, or add slices on top of meat.

17. Guacamole: Use guacamole as a dip for meats, raw vegetables or mix with canned tuna or salmon.

18. Homemade Nut Mix: Make your own nut mixes using raw nuts, dried unsweetened fruits, and coconut flakes. Note: Nuts should be utilized second to other fast burning fats like coconut.

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19. Coconut Water: Coconut water is the liquid extracted from young, green coconuts that contains vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, and the obvious – water. Coconut water is the richest source of naturally occurring electrolytes like sodium and potassium that help our cells (nerve, heart and muscles) maintain impulses that are responsible for important things like muscle contractions. For this reason, coconut water is great during longer workouts (diluted with water) or post-workout after you’ve lost a significant amount of sweat. Known as nature’s gatorade, coconut water is superior to conventional sports drinks that contain synthetic vitamins, minerals and processed sugar. Make sure to purchase coconut water without added sugars or preservatives.

20. Homemade Sports Drink: You can easily make your own homemade sports drink with lemon and/or lime juice, honey, unprocessed sea salt, and filtered water. In similar fashion to coconut water, homemade sports drinks will help you replace the water and electrolytes lost without additives or processed sugars.

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