30 Best Abdominal Tips

30 Best Abdominal Tips

1-drink a glass of water before eating
2-eat five small meals a day
3-eat slowly
4-do cardio 20minutes a day,five days a week
5-know your serving sizes
6-good posture strengthes tummy muscles
8-strengthen your core
9-cut out sweets
10-do push ups accurately
11-do reverse sit ups
12-never skip breakfast
13-drink lots of water everyday
14-reduce salt intake
15-avoid stress
16-get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night
17-cut down an alcohol consumption
18-color your rate
19-cut down fast food
20-cut out soda
21-don’t starve yourself
22-don’t isolate just your stomach
23-eat five servings of fresh fruit or veggies everyday
24-enrich your diet with fiber
25-do crunchies with an exercise ball
27-do leg lifts
28-climb stais
29-do yoga
30-stay inspired…

If you follow these steps, and workout daily by following our daily workouts, I guarantee u in less than 4 month your dream body will knock on your door… Tag your friends to help them… 🙂

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