4 Guaranteed Ways to Get a Bigger and Stronger Back

4 Guaranteed Ways to Get a Bigger and Stronger Back

You can not have a well balanced upper body without having a well developed back to go along with your chest, shoulders and arms. Your back is the largest muscle group on your body. To train your back correctly you need to use big, compound, heavy movements that will stimulate the largest area of muscle possible.

This article is going to give you methods that are guaranteed to get your back growing wider and thicker.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are training your back is to squeeze every rep. You want to really feel the muscles contracting. You can not see your back when you are training it so you must go by how the exercises feel. Try holding the contraction of every back lift for 2 to 3 seconds. If you are using good form this will allow you to feel the muscle being worked.

If you are training you back with heavy lifts like bent barbell rows and dead lifts you need to make sure that your body is not swinging too much or at all with the weight. If it is, then you are using too much weight. Check your ego at the door, and stimulate the muscle with the proper amount of weight. Who cares what anyone thinks. You cannot take a chance when it comes to your back. A back injury can be devastating, and will take a long time to come back from. Avoid back pain at all costs.

Improving your forearm, and bicep strength will help you improve the performance of your back exercises as well. These 2 muscles aid the lats,and your traps in the big lifts. Having additional strength in them will help you have more stamina and will keep the back muscles working longer. This will ensure that the muscle is being totally worked.

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Use straps. A lot of people will tell you that they do not like to use straps, but to be honest, if you are lacking in grip strength then you are going to need them. You have got to hold onto the bar for as long as it takes to work your back, and there is a good chance that your grip will give out before your back does.

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