4 Tips for a More Chiseled Physique

4 Tips for a More Chiseled Physique

If you are looking for a more chiseled physique, we can help. Just follow the following four tips (don’t worry, they’re nothing crazy) to help you get more definition and tone.

Do cardio and weight training on different days
It is often that a tough day of squats, lunges and dead lifts is followed up with a long bout on the stationary bike or treadmill. If you are really looking to chisel your legs or any part of your body, you should do cardio and weight training on different days.
You don’t need to sub out your cardio or weight lifting but you should separate the days that you focus on certain body areas. If possible, concentrate, for example, on your weight training leg regimen one day then your upper body weight regimen the next, followed by a day of biking. The two-day separation will allow to get the most out of your weight lifting session while combing the sculpting and chiseling effects of cardio. The key is to do weight training first, then cardio a day or two later on the same body parts.

Add cardio for leaning, reduce for bulking
If you are not experiencing the gains in the chiseled physique that you are looking for it could be because you need to change the cycle you are using to workout. For example, if you are already bulked up from weight training, sticking to the same cardio regimen is counterproductive. Instead, increase the amount of days you do cardio, say from two to four, to help you strip some of the bulk and get toner.
Similarly if you are trying to bulk and are doing cardio four days a week you may want to bring it back to two. Your body will focus less on fat burn and will focus on bulking the way you need to get a more defined look.

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Start interval training
Interval training, such as Tabata training, has been shown to have more positive effects on the body in terms of fat burn, cardiovascular endurance, and increasing strength. Regardless of whether you are trying to burn fat or get stronger (or look stronger), high intensity interval training (HIIT) will help you accomplish your goals. The other added benefit is that HIIT takes far less time than, say, an hour-long bike ride or run on the treadmill.

Eat cleaner
You knew this one was coming. A diet that consists of lean proteins and clean carbohydrates will help you get the body you need without extra work in the gym. For example, check out some articles on how Tom Hardy (Bane from Batman) ate and trained to get into shape for the various movies he’s been in. In the movie Bronson where he wanted to bulk significantly, his diet consisted mostly of chicken for protein and rice for carbs. He ate 4,000 calories a day to get the solid muscular frame of the film. For the film Warrior, where Hardy was a ripped UFC-type fighter, more vegetables were part of the diet.

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