6 Tips For Crazy Workout-Intensity!

6 Tips For Crazy Workout-Intensity!

6 Tips For Crazy Workout-Intensity!

1. Supersets.
Supersets are basicly two exercises that you perform after each other without any rest. Supersets can be done in two ways. The first way to do it is by doing two exercises for the same muscle group. Example: Side Lateral Raises followed by barbell upright rows. The second way is the antagonistic way: By doing two exercises, where the second exercise will be the “opposite” muscle group. Example of this would be doing biceps curls followed by triceps pushdowns.

2. Giant-sets.
Giant-sets are sets where you have 3 exercises or more after each other without any rest. This is something that is really tearing on the muscle, so that you should not do this every workout (maybe once every month).

3. Dropsets.
Dropsets are really effective when it comes to really crank out every bit of energy you still have left in your muscles. Dropsets are where you do a set with a weight, and when you can’t do more reps, you lower the weight and do a set of lighter weight with more reps. This is to be done without any rest aswell.

4. Partals.
Partials aka “X-Reps” are an intensity technique that is being used very often at the end of a set, when you can no longer do full range reps. This means that you will be doing only half the movement for as many reps as you can do. (This is the intensity technique that I’ve gotten the most results out of!)

5. Negative reps.
These are also known as “eccentric” reps.This requires a partner on most exercises. This technique basicly makes you hold a weight that you could not do for a regular reps. You will be having really heavy weight and simply only lowering the weight really slow, while your training-partner will help you get the weight up again.

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6. Pre-Exhaustion.
Let’s say you do bench presses. Suddenly you can’t do another rep. Is this because your chest fails? No, it is most likely because your triceps fails first. This means that you will not be able to get the most out of your chest developement on exercises such as the bechpress. We can change this by isolating the chest first, so that the chest get’s a beating before the benchpress. What happens then, is that the chest fails before the triceps.This equals to more chest developement. Example: Doing flyes before benchpress. This can also be done in a superset-way.

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