7 Types Of Squats For A Better Butt

7 Types Of Squats For A Better Butt

1. Body Weight Squats .
This is just a regular squat with zero exercise equipment. There are no dumbbells, barbells, or kettle-bells involved. Just get into basic squat form, feet hip width apart, feet slightly pointed out, squat down to where your knees reach a 90 degree angle and then try to maintain the weight through your heels as you push yourself back up to start. Remember to not lean forward and to maintain a flat back throughout the exercise .

2. Plie Squats .
In this squat your feet need to be wider than hip width apart with feet angled significantly outward. Same rules of a regular squat apply to this one. Be sure to keep your back in line, and you are going to bend your knees more outward than straight. This is going to target your inner thighs significantly. If you need to make it more difficult, grab some weights or a kettle-bell .

3. Pulse Squats .
Get into basic squat form and then once you reach the bottom of the squat, instead of coming back up all the way only come half way up, and then lower back down into the squat. Repeat this multiple times to “pulse”. You will really feel the burn with this one.

4.Plyometric Squats .
This type of squat will really get your heart rate up. You use the same rule of form as a body weight squat, but instead when you get to the bottom of the squat, you are going to explode up and land softly .

5. Single Leg Squats .
This type of squat is done on one leg. You’re going to lift your left leg either behind you or keep it as straight as possible in front of you while you squat down on your right leg.

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6. Goblet Squats .
This squat is done in more of a plie form with feet wider than hip width apart and feet angled outward. You can use a kettle-bell or one big heavy dumbbell, hold them at chest level while you squat .

7. Barbell Squats .
This type of squat is a pretty advanced exercise that needs to be done in the gym. Put the barbell on your shoulders, mostly laying on your trapezius muscle, the “traps”. This squat is done with normal squat form, but the reason it is more advanced is because it allows you to add a lot of weight .

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