Back And Biceps: The Best Workout Combination

Back And Biceps: The Best Workout Combination

Want to develop a lean and stronger muscle. Whatever may be your goal for fitness, you just need dedication and right guide that can help you to build a stronger you that from today. It’s never too late to start your goal.

A new day begins from the time you think to start and also give the effort to do it. So if you are planning to become fittest, then you must have a watch over these exercises.

For building a lean and strong body, it is also important to focus on nutrition. Without proper nutrition, you will find tough to recover soon and land to a mess like muscle loss, slow recovery, slow development of muscles or even injury.

If you wish to build stronger arm and V-shaped Back, then you need to work on it with best ways. And the best way to train is to train each and every muscle of arms and back. It is seen that many people don’t focus on their form during a workout. If you don’t focus on your form then surely you will be able to do more repetitions, but there will no meaning to it.

If you want to train you full muscles, then you need to focus on your form. So if you are at the gym, do ask your trainer to show the proper form and correct it as early as possible as it can prevent you from injury, and also it will also train your full muscles.

Due to training full muscle there will more and quick growth of muscle which you will see soon.

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This workout programmed to train your back muscles which are second largest muscles after leg. In this schedule, you will also train your arms muscles.

One thing to note down is that while working on back muscles there is also stress on biceps muscle, so if you train your back then you can also train your arms muscle for a better effect. During starting your workout, you need few minutes warm-up and stretching.

After that you can start with back muscles as training your biceps muscle first can exhaust your back muscles. So start with your back and finish it with you biceps muscle.

Exercise 1: Lat pulldown

  1. Position your body on the bench and keep your knee to in 90 degrees. Along with it keep your feet flat on the ground.
  2. After sitting comfortably, pull the bar down keeping your grip outside to the shoulder or you can extend slightly.
  3. After that do chest up and lean you back slightly back. Now you are ready to pull the bar.
  4. While pulling it slowly pull the bar down with your elbow pointed down. Now slowly go up. This complete one reps.

Exercise 2: One Arm Row

  1. Place your right leg on the bench and keep you back flat.
  2. Lift dumbbell with one hand and keep other on bench to give support.
  3. Pull the weight in your side in upward direction and complete 1 reps by lowering the dumbbell.

 Exercise 3: Seated Cable row

  1. To do this exercise you need to sit slight away from the machine.
  2. Lean forward to hold the bar and go back to sit with back upright.
  3. Now squeezing your shoulder blade and keeping your elbow high pull the bar to your chest.
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 Exercise 4: Barbell Biceps curl

  1. Stand up with holding the barbell
  2. Now slowly curl your barbell without moving arms with just forearms.

Exercise 5: Dumbell Biceps Curl

  1. Stand up straight with holding dumbbell by holding dumbbell side palm facing in
  2. Tuck your elbow to the sides while lifting the dumbbells.
  3. Turn your wrist at the top of the move.

 Exercise 6 : Hammer

  1. Stand straight with your elbow tucked by the side as doing dumbbell curl.
  2. Now lift the weight with alternate hand.

Exercise 7: Biceps curl with pully

  1. Hold the lower pully-bar standing straight
  2. Tuck your elbow to sides while lifting.
  3. Go slowly and without moving your elbow

Complete this workout routine with 1 set of push-ups and finally with stretching.

Hope You Will enjoy this workout. And End tip to do is find your friend with same goal and you will always be motivated to start and complete the workout.

Rest time between each set is 60 second and drop sets 1.30 minutes

Tips To Train Harder and Better

  1. Failure set: Failure set is best to train till your muscles exhaust. During this set, you will lift a lighter weight and do the exercise to your last try.
  2. Rest between every set of exercise is 40 seconds. After completing one exercise, you can rest for 2 minutes before going to another exercise.

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