Biceps Workout

Biceps Workout

1. Standing Hammer Curl – alternating
4 sets of 8 each arm

Make sure that you are standing and alternating arms when you do this exercise. As you come up, bring the dumbbell up to only 90 degrees (not all the way up). Come across the body with the weight. Angling the weight inward like this will enable you to lift a heavier weight than coming straight up. Alternating arms will also allow you to lift heavier, as one arm gets a little break while the other arm is working. I believe in going heavy on hammer curls. This exercises works the brachialis, the muscle that gives the arms the density. Do as heavy of a weight as possible for this exercise. Even if you have to cheat a little to get the weight up to 90 degrees, the heavier the weight the better!

2. Standing EZ Bar Reverse Curl
4 sets of 5 using a 50×0 tempo

Tempos are a great way to increase strength. reverse curl the EZ bar all the way up, then take 5 seconds to lower the bar. Do not take any rest at the bottom of the movement. 1 to 6 reps is a good amount of reps for strength, so try to do 5 reps.

3. Incline Hammer Curl – 2 at a time
4 sets of 12

Lay on an incline bench and do hammer curls straight up coming all the way up (unlike the first exercise). There is no tempo on this one, so just get a weight that you can do for a total of 12 reps. Hypertrophy (increase in muscle fiber size) is good for 8 to 12 reps, so I choose to do 12 reps on this exercise.

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4. Reverse Incline DB Curl
3 sets of 20

Lie on your stomach on the incline bench. Let your arms hang over the top of the bench and do curls 2 at a time. This takes the shoulder out of the movement and gives a great pump. 20 reps is going to promote more sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, which is where all the sarcoplasm is pushed into the muscle cell giving it the fullness and good definition.

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