Cold Weather Cardio


The next time you’re tempted to hit the treadmill when the temperature dips, consider this: Working out in cold weather may actually burn more calories than working out where it’s warm. A study from the University of Utah found that basal (resting) metabolic rate increases in cold temperatures because staying warm requires more work from your body.

1. Snowshoeing provides cardio plus strength, agility, balance and endurance. Your legs will burn after snowshoeing, and you’ll get to see some beautiful scenery. Calories burned in 30 minutes: 300*

2. Cross-country skiing is a total-body workout. Elliptical addicts have nothing on cross-country skiers! In fact, Nordic skiing, where you ski up hills, burns more calories than any other exercise or sport. Plus, it combines endurance and balance with cardio and strength. Calories burned in 30 minutes: 600

3. Jogging is straightforward and simple, so bundle up! A brisk jog or walk in the cold will give your metabolism a boost and burn extra calories. Stick to tree-lined trails and tall buildings to protect your face from freezing winds. Also avoid icy areas and wear warm gear that breathes so you won’t overheat. Calories burned in 30 minutes: 280

4. Snow shoveling is a good upper body and cardio workout. Depending on the weight of your shovel and if you make sure to alternate your hands every five minutes, the benefits could be similar to a short kettlebell workout. Next time you have to dig out your car, strap on a heart rate monitor and you may not have to hit the gym after work! Calories burned in 30 minutes: 250

*Calories burned are for a 180-pound person

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