Gain Muscle and Increase Your Chest by One Inch in a Week

Gain Muscle and Increase Your Chest by One Inch in a Week

Today I am going to explain to you how to quickly and easily add an inch of muscle to your chest and increase your bench press.

All you need to do is follow this simple push up routine for a week and you will see incredible gains. I did this routine a few weeks ago and I saw a noticeable increase in strength as well as muscle mass.
Before I started my chest measured 39 inches and I could bench 255 twice. After I finished, my chest had increased to 40 inches and I was able to bench 255 five times. This is an incredible increase in strength.

So here is the routine:
Day 1 is a work day, which is when you will build the muscle. On work days after you wake up you will do as many push ups as you can. This is your max set. Every 2 hours you will do another set of push ups. Each set will be half as many push ups as the last set. If a set should be less than 5 push ups, then do 5 instead of half. Stop once you have done 5 sets.
Day 2 is a recovery day, which is when your body recovers so you are able to do another work day. Do 50% as many push ups as you max set from the day before when you wake up, then do the same number of push ups 2 hours later and you are done for the day.

From here on out you will alternate between work days and recovery days. Each work day you will reset your max set when you wake up. Be sure to eat more than normal on work days, and get plenty of protein. On day 1 my max set was 65. By day 7 my max set was 100. This routine can work for anyone, whether you haven’t worked out in years or you go to the gym several times a week. I have been going to the gym several times a week for over 3 years and this routine added an inch to my chest and added more than 20 pounds to my bench. Give it a try, what do you have to lose? A week?
While was doing this routine I still hit the gym and worked shoulders,
back and biceps but I avoided working my chest and triceps.

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