Gainer, what is it? Composition and properties of gainer

Gainer, what is it? Composition and properties of gainer

Gainers. Every experienced bodybuilder often uses this buzzword, instructing beginners. But not every athlete knows what really lies in the name “Gainer”.

The word gainer has a British origin “gain», which represents an increase of anything, increase. Gainers, as a rule, call a certain kind of food supplements relating to sports nutrition, just as in a special way the concentrated protein, creatine, amino acids and glutamine. Sports nutrition is called specialized types of athletes food intake, designed for those who decided more professional on a permanent basis, to do what is known as bodybuilding.
The main objective, which is facing manufacturers of sports nutrition is to give your body a chance to build new muscles, ligaments and other tissues required at maximal speed.
This speed primarily depends on the trophic (feeding tissues), the intensity of the workouts and the ability of muscles to recover between workouts at the gym.
Another purpose of sports nutrition is to make your body able to go in for sports withmaximal potential: to help burn fat and reduce fat, increase the weight by increasing muscle mass.
Most species of sports nutrition is composed of conventional foods: egg white, milk, cereals, of course, that add to and are required by the body as an athlete vitamins and other essential human body.
Gainer is designed primarily for those people who just dream about weight gain due to the increase in muscle mass. Therefore gainer consists mainly of carbohydrates and proteins, although there is other substances in them.
Carbohydrates as necessary to ensure the body’s energy necessary for intense physical loads, workouts. In turn, proteins are the basic building material for muscle growth.
In gainers, as we noted above, manufacturers often add vitamins and anabolic agents. These agents are pharmacologic agents that stimulate protein synthesis in the body, and therefore muscle growth and deposition of calcium salts in the tissues.
Gainers should be consumed during competition and workouts at the gym, when the body consumes large amounts of energy.
In addition, the bodybuilder should take weight gainer a half an hour before physical activity, such as workouts and 20-30 min. after them
Gainers effectively act for several hours. They very quickly restore the energy reserves of cells in the human body. At this time when there isn`t physical activity, it makes sense to take gainers just in case, when there are difficulties with building muscle mass. Gainers can also be taken by people who have not possibility to have systematical and balanced nutrition.

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