Get Stronger With Only 4 Exercises

Get Stronger With Only 4 Exercises

Chin Ups will develop your biceps, your rear delts and all of those muscles that force drastic extension; you can include pull ups too to get a bigger upper back. There you have it folks, four amazing exercising that you can do to get stronger, I recommend to do the first two exercises in one day and the last 2 in the second day, these exercises are amazing if you lack time, trust me you are not going to miss any gains by preforming these, but don’t just take my word for it go ahead and try it yourself. This is what trainers sell on their programs and I am giving it to you for free.

Dips develop the chest, shoulders and triceps and there are more ways to adjust the parameters when doing dips. It builds thickness, strength, flexibility. But there is a reason why most people can’t do dips because their shoulders are all damaged and screwed up because their posture is really bad.

Deadlift is a simple move, even though not the easiest. Deadlifts effect almost all of your body muscle starting from your neck , head and face, shoulders, down to your core and your hips, legs, knees and feet, all of them will be effected through deadlifts. But do not mess up your form, deadlifting in the perfect form will take time sometimes even years, so take your time, do not add too much weight to get injured. Deadlifts are very important when it comes to building a body.

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Front squats are really powerful because they force drastic extension. Front squats will develop your posture while opening up your rib cage and stretching your rectus abdominis and you are also developing your core. Front squats is one of the exercises that you cannot be dysfunctional and do, if you can’t perform front squats it is not the exercises fault it is you, a lot of people have problems with exercises but it is not the exercise it is them and front squats is one of these exercises.

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