HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training has been earmarked as one of the fitness trends you shouldn’t ignore in 2014. Although it’s gaining popularity as the most effective way to lose weight, build strength, and stamina – High Intensity Interval Training is not just another fad. Read on to learn why you should start interval training, and check out example workouts & training plans below.

High Intensity Interval Training:
HIIT workouts are structured by high-intensity, maximum effort “work” sets alternated with low-intensity, low-effort “rest” sets. You can make nearly any cardiovascular activity into a HIIT workout: Running, walking, cycling, swimming, rowing, weightlifting, and bodyweight movements can all be structured into a HIIT workout. Check out Cody’s HIIT Workouts Training Plan page, and subscribe if you’d like new HIIT workouts every week.

Here are a few examples of workouts using high intensity intervals:

Running: Repeat as many times as desired

Work interval: 50m sprint
Rest interval: 100m slow jog
Cycling: Repeat 5 times (15 minutes total)

Work interval: 2 minutes max effort pedaling
Rest interval: 1 minute easy pedaling
Weightlifting: Repeat 5 times

Work interval: 10 back squats
Rest interval: 30 seconds wall-sit
Bodyweight: Repeat 4 times

Work interval: 25 burpees
Rest interval: 30 seconds stretching

1) Turbulence Training:
8 reps of weight training alternated with 1-2 minute high intensity cardio, for 45 minutes maximum.

Example Turbulence Training workouts:
Sets of 8 back squats x 2 minutes jump rope
Sets of 8 deadlifts x 1 minute burpees
Sets of 8 bench presses x 1:30 minutes sprints

2) Tabata Method:
Each “set” is 30 seconds long, and consists of 20 seconds work alternated with 10 seconds rest. Repeat sets eight times for a total of four minutes. For Tabata “rest” sets you stop moving completely, unlike the rest sets in other HIIT workouts, which are low-intensity but you continue moving.

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Example Tabata workouts:
8 sets of jump squats + 8 sets of push ups
Alternate sets of planks and sit ups, do 16 sets total
Simply do 8 sets of burpees

3) Power Intervals:
90 seconds work alternated with 30 seconds rest, usually used for cardio activities such as running, walking, rowing, swimming, etc. Use maximum effort in the work sets, then 50% effort for the rest sets.

Example Power Interval Workouts:
10 minutes (5 sets) of running power intervals
4 minutes (2 sets) of jump squat power intervals
20 minutes (10 sets) of rowing power intervals

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