How To Get Rid of Man Boobs

How To Get Rid of Man Boobs

To treat this problem, medical advice should be sought. Most often, the patient will be taken off the particular medication or will be given antiestrogen treatment. Surgery may be necessary if the problem does not improve.

Cardio will enable you to burn a significant amount of calories over a set period of time, helping you to achieve the caloric deficit that is necessary to get rid of your man boobs.

1- Interval training: Interval training is your best option because it will kick your metabolism into high gear. Since it is so intense, your body will expend a great deal of calories — even after you are finished working out — in order to repair and rebuild the muscle tissues that have been damaged.

Your interval training session should be done for about 20 to 25 minutes, during which time you work out at a ratio of 1:3 in regards to hard vs. easy. Ideally, aim for 20 to 30 seconds of hard training and 1 to 2 minutes of easy cardio, and repeat this ratio 8 to 15 times.

Benc Dips
Interval Cardio

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