How to reduce local body fat in one place

How to reduce local body fat in one place

Is it possible to reduce local body fat in one place?

Often you can see in gyms, guys and girls trying to make a lot of exercises for the abdominal muscles in hopes of getting those “treasured dice” and a flat stomach, but the result expected they do not see. And this story is repeated from year to year. Isn`t this a confirmation that the local reduction of fat is not possible!

If it was possible, then we could have done with one foot relief, and a second thick. It is not realistic, there is no such facts.
Scientists have spent a lot of time to answer this question. But so far we have no evidence of such a theory of local fat reduction exercises.

You can reduce local body fat only by surgery. We feel sorry for women who rely on advertising miracle gels and pastes that promise thick fat reduction only at the expense of local influence, without workouts and nutrition adjustments.
The organism reduces fat deposits globally, i.e., over the entire surface at once.If someone goes faster than the fat in certain parts of the body, this is likely due to genetics.

Also, with decreasing weight often seems that fat decreases everywhere in problem areas. In fact, the fat goes throughout the body, just there is more fat in problem areas because of this it seems that there it decreases slowly.

Thus, performing hundreds of repetitions for the press or other muscles, it is impossible to make them super relief. The amount of fat is reduced only when the body consumes more energy than it receives it with food, and this is possible with a deficit of calories in the daily diet, so there are few, and this psychological stress, or if caloric intake remains the same, but activity will be increased.

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For example, a lot of training, though it is possible to reach fatigue overload of all functional systems of the body. On this, the golden mean is better – slightly reduce caloric intake, to remove the fatty foods, less sweet, add one or two training sessions and continue to train hard and succeed. Girls, it is possible to lose certain amount of excess weight, you have to think about buying wedding shoes with heels, because, as you know, guys `hearts are particularly vulnerable to your beauty and figure in spring.

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