Leg Raises For Rock Hard Abs

Leg Raises For Rock Hard Abs

A Quick Tip For Rock Hard Abs
Everybody knows that in order to get visibly defined abs you need to have low body fat, regardless of how hard you train them. However at the same time, you do still need to train them regularly so that once your body fat is low enough, your chiselled abs will be revealed.

Something I like to do to ensure my abs stay defined all year round is to do one ab exercise in every training session. Here is one of my favourites.

Hanging Leg Raises
There are different variations of leg raise exercises but the most effective one is the hanging kind as it allows you to stretch out the abdominal muscles and when your legs are raised, the contraction can be felt more. Three sets of 20 reps will get your abdominal muscles burning and fired up.

How to Perform Them
Hang from any vertical bar at least head height, raise your legs upwards as high as you can (up to the bar if you can). If you’re struggling you can start by raising your knees up to your chest and build up from there.
After a few weeks of this around your training sessions and normal ab circuits, your abs will be rock solid and once your body fat is low enough they will be revealed in all of their glory!

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