Murder Your Biceps With These 4 Brutal Exercises

Murder Your Biceps With These 4 Brutal Exercises
Even though biceps muscles are a very small group of muscles, they are the most desired by all men. The reason for that is that it’s a ‘show-off’ muscle’, visible in almost anything you wear. It’s like a statement that says- you hit the gym, work hard for your physique and take care of yourself. In short, big biceps are synonymous with your hard work in the gym. Today, I am going to tell you about a workout that’s my favourite to get an incredible pump. Give it a try
Exercise 1 – EZ Bar Curls
This exercise will be done to warm up your muscles and prepare them for the pump. You will start with EZ Bar Curls and do 50 repetitions of this exercise. Since we are doing this exercise for a proper warm-up of the bicep muscle, don’t use any weights on the bar. Complete all 50 repetitions in a single go without adding any weights. Do only one set of this exercise
Exercise 2 – Dumbbell Curls
Take a pair of Dumbbells that are lying around 70% of your 1RM in dumbbell curls. We are using a heavy weight in this exercise since we have already warmed up our muscles completely in the first set. The purpose of this set is to start the inflow of blood into your muscles. Remember not to lift more than 70 percent of your total 1RM weight in this exercise. Going too heavy will not let you complete the desired number of repetitions which are 15. Also, the purpose of this workout is not to build new muscle fibres but to have a good bicep pump. Do 3 sets of this exercise
Exercise 3 – The 21s Biceps Curls
 First, you need to perform 7 partial repetitions where you lower the barbell only till halfway and then pull it up again. Then you do 7 low range partial reps wherein you stop the barbell midway while bringing it up. Lastly, you perform another 7 full range of motion reps to finally kill your biceps muscle. This technique works on the principles of increasing the time under tension (TUT). Increased TUT eventually increases metabolic stress on the muscle which is an important factor for muscle hypertrophy and pump. You need to perform 5 sets of the 21s Biceps curls. Limit the rest between sets to only 30 seconds
Exercise 4 – Preacher Curl on Machine
We’ll use Preacher Curls as the finisher for this insane bicep pump workout. Though your biceps will already be pumped up after finishing 5 sets of the 21s biceps curls, Preacher curls will help you to pump in whatever space that’s left to pump in more blood into your muscle fibres. You need to do 3 sets of 20 repetitions. The weight should not be more than 50% of your 1 RM in preacher curl
Now Go Kill it
It’s not a big deal if you look jacked up after performing this insane bicep workout. Your guns may look bigger for the next couple of days. So, without wasting any time talking, try this workout the next time you hit the gym

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