My Favorite Exercises !

My Favorite Exercises by Steve Reeves

Let’s get acquainted with favorite exercises of Steve Reeves.
So, the exercises for chest and delta:

1) Dumbbell swings. The legs are slightly wider than shoulder width. Starting position – half squat, dumbbell at the bottom. Raise the dumbbell when you are rising, dumbbell over your head and go back to the starting position. This exercise warms up all the muscles in your body and prepares for loads (for a warm up you can do whatever you want).

2) Chin up bar. This workout is of complex by Vader № 2. How Reeves recommends to perform it: “Do this exercise smoothly, without jerks, raising the bar into the chin while keeping elbows position.” How Vader recommends to do it – see table on page 112.

3) Bench barbell from the chest while standing. Exercise 4 of the complex № 2 by Vader. In the literature can be found the name of this exercise as a “soldier bench press.” About how Vader to recommends it to perform – see table above. How Reeves recommends it to do: “Do not help a bar with the whole body, keep the body position.” Have you noticed a significant difference? As for me, one to one, in other words and by Reeves is shorter.

4) Incline Bench Push-ups. Look at the picture showing Reeves` exercise.
Description of this exercise by Reeves: “Lie down on an inclined bench and start alternately lift dumbbells in front of youeself, reaching the top position, then lowering to the starting point and a rep with your other hand.”
Analogue by Vader? Exercise 9 of the complex № 3. Vader varies as the shells, the bar or dumbbells, and the performance with dumbbells, simultaneously or alternately. So exercise № 4 by Reeves, this 9 exercise of complex № 3 by Vader. Of course, we have discharged back and legs by Reeves, but we have an increases of load on the deltoid muscles.

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5) Breeding hands with dumbbells in the slope. – Exercise 6 of the complex № 2 by Vader, one to one. How Reeves tells it to perform: “Leaning, breed dumbbells to the sides as long as they will be parallel to the floor, then linger at the top and slowly begin to move back.” We have no comments about Vader’s pace, but the description of other exercises similar to these, there are recommendations for a smooth and isometric delays in certain phases.

6) Raising hands with dumbbells out to the sides on an incline bench. Here again is needed an illustration of Reeves` exercise: “Lie on an incline bench on the side and start ups with one hand, the delay at the top. After completing the required number of repetitions with one arm go to the training of the second hand. ”
Look for an Exercise 3 of the complex № 1 by Vader, raising the hands to the sides while standing and you’ll agree that exercise by Vader is working more intensively on deltoids. And you spent time on exercise exactly half because on both hands at once.

7) Bench press (barbell, wide grip), similar is by Vader, a reader will find this alone.

8) Bench press (dumbbell) – “Dumbbells have to be parallel to your body. The technique is as in the bar bench press. ” I must admit that this exercise is slightly different from the previous one.

9) Incline bench press (dumbbells) – “Bottom position, dumbbells are parallel to the floor.” Clearly, not perpendicular. Direct analog of this exercise – exercise 6 of the complex № 3 by Vader, incline bench bar press

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10) Pullovers on straight hands (bar) – “Hands approximately as the shoulder width.During this exercise hands remain straight “- exercise 3 of the complex № 2 by Vader, but Vader tells to bend the elbows.

11) Bent rods (bar) – “Pull the barbell to the chest. At the top linger and slowly start to move back “- this exercise 9 of the complex № 1 by Vader.

12) Pull dumbbell with one hand.
Description of this exercise by Reeves: “Pull the dumbbell to the waist, keeping the slope of body during the entire exercise”, this exercise is very similar to exercise 2 of the complex № 2 by Vader, with the only difference that Vader tells to lean on a bench not only with a hand but also with a knee. That is, the muscles of upper back are purposefully worked by Vader, especially the lats, as well as the flexors of the hands, especially the biceps. And by Reeves is possible of cheating by twisting the body or a small folding legs to the starting point and their extension at the final point. And a single slope of the body in a free position is difficult to keep during an exercise.

13) Triceps stretch in the slope with dumbbell.
Originally it makes Reeves: “Bend your body and uprites with a forehead in the support. Straighten your arms with dumbbells and stay at the top point. ” Now look at the exercise 8 of the complex № 2 by Vader and read recommendations of the “Vader`s performance.”
What is isometric exercise, and what effect they give, we will analyze in detail. Now is important a statement of fact, Reeves reiterates the recommendations of Vader.
You can believe me, favorite exercises of Reeves repeat exercises of three sets by Vader, or have variations of these exercises.

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