Surprising Facts On Overweight And Obesity

Surprising Facts On Overweight And Obesity

Excess body fat is seen particularly among young people only as an aesthetic defect. It is widely known that the omnipresent cult slim and sporty silhouette has a strong influence on the perception of your own body. It should pass the matter, however, from the fact that overweight and obesity are also the cause of many health problems, as well as emotional and social. Here is a review of scientific data indicating the fatal consequences of having excess fat.

Increased risk of breast cancer
British scientists have confirmed the relationship between the increase in body fat around the waist and an increased risk of breast cancer in women. The risk can be assessed independently, looking at the size of clothing worn. If a woman over 10 years due to expanding waistlines is forced to buy clothes 2 sizes larger, the risk of breast cancer may increase – attention – even by 33%.

Studies have shown that the fat accumulated around the arms or thighs is not as dangerous to health as additional centimeters located in the central part of the body. As part of the prevention of breast cancer ladies absolutely should therefore take into account the need to normalize weight and body composition by changing your eating habits and taking up regular physical activity.

Reduced earnings
Swedish researchers point to other than the above mentioned regularity, which may seem very surprising. It turns out that if teens and children are obese or overweight, it is likely that as adults they will earn on average 18% less than their leaner peers. Excess body fat is often associated with the occurrence of lower social skills, low self-esteem and lack of confidence, which in the long term translates into a worse possibility of earning. Obese people are also more likely to develop many serious diseases for employers are so “high-risk personnel,” which at any moment can go on sick leave. This fact also is important in the context of employment opportunities for well-paid jobs.

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The risk of visual impairment
Intriguing turn out to be a scientific research involving the effects of excessive body weight visually-impaired in the elderly. Namely observed that middle-aged men whose silhouette is characterized by a pronounced “beer” belly are much harder at risk of visual impairment later in life compared to their more proportionally built their peers who care about the silhouette.

Additional centimeters around the waist increases the risk of macular degeneration, which in turn can lead to partial or even total loss of vision. Interestingly, this relationship was observed only in men. Of course this does not mean that women do not have to worry about the health effects of obesity.

Less resistance to stress
Research shows that excessive weight and abnormal body composition may affect the ability to cope with the negative effects of stress. As you know, stress is an integral part of life, and ability to cope with the consequences thereof determines the development of adaptive capacity of the organism. Stress is thus drive the development and operation, but if the load is not “over the human force,” while those are dependent on many factors.

Confirmed the relationship, which indicates that people with excess body fat much more dramatic react to stressful stimuli, and also much slower return to equilibrium after the exposure to their action. This is probably related to an increased concentration of interleukin-6 (protein enhancer inflammatory processes), although other possibilities are taken into account. Studies on the mechanisms of this relationship are ongoing, but its existence is a scientific fact. A separate issue is that excess body weight in itself can be a factor in stress even in relation to the contemporary “canons of fashion” …

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Discrimination against overweight exacerbates the problem
No tolerance for people struggling with excess body fat is a widespread phenomenon. The problem is particularly pronounced in children and adolescents (but not only), harassment, ridicule, disrespect, harassment – at school, at work, in shops, on the bus, the situations that many obese or overweight have met every day . As the researchers point out, such behavior does not work motivation to work on themselves, on the contrary – cause worsening of the problem. There is therefore no justification for discrimination against obese people – it is worth to think about it before you classify someone as a “neglected”, “obżerającego up”, “shabby”, “stupid fat”, etc.

Superfluous fat is a problem that affects not only the perception of one’s own body and classifying it as more or less attractive. It is also clear because of health and social dimension. Obesity is a risk factor for the development of many diseases, as well as complicating clearly daily existence in the modern world.

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