This is a sample diet for a typical 30 year old, 6ft tall, 220 pound man.

# Meal 1: Pro/Carb 8 Egg Whites, 1 Scoop Of whey Protein, 1 cup oatmeal 50g protein / 54g carbs / 5g fat

# Meal 2: Pro/Fat Lean Ground Beef, ¼ cup swiss cheese, green veggies 55g protein / 2g carbs / 20g fat

# Meal 3: Pro/Carb Chicken Breast, 1 and a half cup Brown Rice 55g protein / 84g carbs / 3g Fat **Disclaimer: Meal 3 can be a pro/fat meal if you are ultra sensitive to carb intake.

# Meal 4: Pro/Fat 2 Cans of Tuna, 1 Tbsp Full Fat Mayonnaise, Veggies 60g protein / 2g carbs / 13g Fat Workout

# Meal 5: PWO Nutrition 2 Scoops whey Protein / 80g of Dextrose / 40g protein / 80g carbs / 0g fat

# Meal 6: PWO Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, ½ cup Brown Rice (Measured Uncooked) 50g protein / 70g carbs / 3g fat

# Meal 7: Pro/Fat Lean Protein of your choice, 2 Tbsp Natural Peanut Butter 50g protein / 5g carbs / 18g fat

# Meal 8: Before Bed 3 Scoops of whey Protein, 1.5 Tbsp. Flax Seed Oil 60g protein / 3g carbs / 21g Fat

That turns into approximately 420 grams of protein, 270 grams of carbs, and 83 grams of fat. This is roughly 3,500 calories. This number is going to be widely different for everybody. The common pitfall we see over and over is that when people want to bulk up, they don’t have a clear goal weight or a plan to get there. They figure that they’ll just stop once they hit their weight, but the key to remember is that the body requires habit for change. Most people will end up overshooting their desired size and in some cases will lose control and have to work that much harder.

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