The Importance Of Testosterone

The Importance Of Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone is found in both men and women, but in different proportions; men having higher testosterone levels than women. It is responsible for developing the male secondary sexual characteristics, which includes an increase in the size and mass of muscles, vocal cords (deeper voice), body hair and changes to the shape of the skeleton, just to name a few. In a nutshell, Testosterone is King; it’s what makes you the man you are now and it holds the key into sculpting you into the man you want to become.

You cannot add a solid amount of lean muscle without having good testosterone levels. That’s a fact. When people talk about certain individuals who seem to be able to add lean muscle easily and in a short period of time, there are always a number of factors. They could have great genetics, be using illegal steroids or have a naturally high level of testosterone. This level can vary in men so if you think you have low levels you would definitely benefit from taking steps to increasing this if you’re serious about adding more lean muscle mass.

Although testosterone levels will vary in all men, your body will produce the most testosterone from ages 18-30. After 30 years of age the production of testosterone in your body will steadily decline. This is where good quality testosterone boosting foods and products will become essential for building and maintaining lean muscle mass. One of the reasons why young athletes generally perform better and manage to make bigger progress quicker is because of higher testosterone levels. There is a direct connection between testosterone levels and muscular strength.

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Low testosterone levels affect not only your fitness performance and results but also have a significant effect on your libido (sexual drive), mood and energy levels. You might feel depressed, exhausted and moody, so the effects can have a significant impact on your lifestyle.

Higher testosterone levels aid with substantial increases in strength, muscle and protein synthesis resulting in added lean muscle mass. If that wasn’t enough, your focus, drive and recovery are also enhanced. The benefits of all this can be endless however there are only a limited number of ways to do this quickly the natural way.

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