Washboard Abs for the Summer Season


Achieving those much sought-after washboard six pack abs takes hard work, a complete diet, and the right INFORMATION! If you are one of the literally millions of people who remain on a never ending path towards your six pack, chances are that one of these three components needs improvement.

If you are already browsing the Internet for help, you most likely have tried the ab exercises such as crunches and sit ups, bought ab rollers or machines, abs workout dvds, and invest in a local gym membership. Hard work has not been the problem. And an active person like you probably consumes at least a relatively healthy diet. Sure there are sweets or fats you could cut out or substitute, but that is not the biggest problem. Chances are that you lack the information, like most people, that is necessary for six pack abs routines!

To start, you can save your money by not buying the ab machines and other products you see on TV. Sure, many of them actually can help you to build muscle, they are by no means the most efficient answers for your six pack abs and they do next to nothing to burn fat. Simply put, there are two elements to building your six pack abs: strengthening your ab muscles through great abs exercises and trimming the fat currently covering them. Both are equally important and both need can be addressed through a variety of measures.

Great abs exercises come in different sizes and shapes, and multiple abs routines should always be used. Rather than wasting time doing the same boring crunches, learn just the six pack abs routines that get the best results and actually can give you six pack abs by working every muscle. While many abs rollers, machines, etc. are a complete waste of money, the majority of the abs workout dvds, abs diets, and other abs routine regimens provide professional knowledge and trainer secrets that actually work for great abs. Other from purchasing professional help, sprinkle in some of the following great abs exercises to your regular workouts:

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The Workout :: Six Pack Abs

Crunches, Bicycles, Leg Raises, Twists

Each of the aforementioned exercises are specifically created to build muscle in your abs and combining a mix of them will help you to build muscle in multiple areas of your abs, core, and back.

Now that you know how to build your abs muscles, you still need to shed your fat and reveal them! Everyone has ab muscles – some more than others through ab training – however they are covered up by a layer of fat. This fat is not – repeat not – burned by the abs exercises above, but by a combination of strategies which focus on the whole body. These include:

  • Total body cardio/interval training
  • Total body lifting and strength training
  • Balanced diet
  • Healthy sleep/lifestyle habits

Sounds easy enough right? The problem for most of us lies in the execution and daily habits of diet and exercise. Correct introductions of total body workouts, muscle-specific great abs exercises, and diet will lead to results faster than you may believe! And the more muscle your body builds, the more calories and fat your body actually burns off. Granted much of this is easier said than done, but it is certainly within reach! Good Luck!

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