What To Eat After Training Bodybuilding?

What To Eat After Training Bodybuilding?

We all know that our diet determines much of our results in terms of weight, some say 70% but let us rather based on a 50%.

Know that this is 50% of our results depend on our power will then allow us to createa strategy and nutritionally adapted to maximize our evolution and not make mistakes.

Your diet after your workout is important in achieving your goals. As you exercise your body isunder stress, here’s what happens:

. You tear your muscle fibers by the mechanical action of the weight, your musclesare in shock.
. You live in part of your stock muscle glycogen (sugar stored in your muscle) andblood.
. Your body starts to produce a catabolic hormone (cortisol) that accelerates the degradation of your muscles. It also lowers testosterone levels and limit the burning of fat. This productionpeaked from a training hour.
. Your nervous system is traumatized by exercising, he consumed a large amount ofbloodglycogen.

What to do to properly nourish the muscles during this anabolic window?

At this moment it is very important to give your body the right nutrients to feed your muscles,stop production and cortisol accumulation and initiate protein synthesis(muscle building) and in the hour following your training.

Several options are then available to us: the first is that you use supplements tosupplement your diet and the second is that you do not eat it. In all cases the approach is more or less the same.

You must bring your body in one hour:

A source of carbohydrates glycemic index up to cause a spike in blood sugar and thus facilitate the delivery and absorption of nutrients into your muscles and rechargesome of your stock ofmuscle glycogen.

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A second source of carbohydrates, this time at low / medium glycemic index to provide the energy needed for muscle rebuilding and thus the magnification of your muscles.

A complete protein source preferably rapid digestion and assimilation initially to quickly feed your muscles, stopping muscle catabolism and switch on protein synthesis (muscle building)

Let’s go back now in the concrete case, the implementation to maximize your winnings.

I take supplements.

Immediately after the end of your weight training session (5 to 10 minutes) should be taken:

30-40 grams of carbohydrates glycemic fast as maltodextrin, dextrose, Vitargo,


50 grams of rice cake or 40 grams of honey
30 gr fast protein like: Whey Isolate, beef protein …

You can also add this shaker:
5 grams of glutamine: Glutamine is an amino acid that helps to rebuild muscle, fightagainst fatigue and overtraining
5-10 grams of BCAA: They are Anti Catabolic Amino Acids that increase lean body mass and prevent muscle breakdown.
5 grams of Creatine: Creatine is an amino acid that allows among others to improve recoverythrough its support for the supply of nutrients to the muscles. It also allowsin most cases to increase the available energy during exercise.

Of course take this snack does not exempt you from eating properly after your workout. However, you have a little more time to enjoy your meal (1 to 2 hours).

An example of a post-training meal:
150g chicken breast or hake
80g basmati or Thai rice (raw weight)
300 grams of green vegetable (broccoli, green beans …)
1 tablespoon olive oil


2) I‘m not taking any dietary supplement.

It is then important to quickly take a meal to fuel your body, feed your muscles,stopping muscle catabolism and switch protein synthesis.

Your meal will have to be taken soon after the workout trying to not exceed 1 hour after it to make the most of your anabolic window.

An example of a post-training meal:
250g chicken breast or hake
120 grams of white rice, pasta (raw weight)
300 grams of green vegetable (broccoli, green beans …)
50 grams of coral lenses
1 tablespoon olive oil

As you can see throughout this article, nutrition after training is not neglected. This is a momentnot to be missed to evolve further and achieve your goals faster.

Our advice:
Here the examples of snacks, meals are post-training for weight gain, if you arelosing weight /dry, it is then necessary to reduce the amounts of carbohydrates.

It is also important that you build your nutritional program based on yourmetabolism,schedules and thus adapt the examples in this article to meet yourneeds.

The use of dietary supplements is really a plus in your daily life and especially at thistime of day. If you can feel free to consume a minimum of protein powder and aquick carbohydratesource. the other three supplements are also very interesting isup to you.

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