Where Is Your Perfect Run? 5 Ways To Increase Your Running Stamina

Where Is Your Perfect Run? 5 Ways To Increase Your Running Stamina

Having good stamina while you run makes the sport so much more fun. If you get out there and feel good while you run, and feel good afterwards, you are more likely to keep up running, and have fewer bad days. Doing these things will help you enjoy running more.

Here are a few tips that can help increase your stamina when running, and improve your all over physical performance.

1. Choose the right shoes. Running shoes will set the stage for an excellent running session. If you run in the wrong shoes, you will feel pain sooner than later. My brother got some running shoes on sale at target last year. He joked about how he’ll be spending more on doctor bills than the most expensive shoes there were. He had a stress fracture within a week.

2. Warm-up properly. Many beginner runners skip the warm-up phase, this is a big mistake and will make you more prone to injury. You should always start with a quick walk, or slow jog for at least 5 minutes, then lightly stretch, this reduces any stiffness.

3. Relax . This may not sound obvious, but relaxation is the foundation of stamina. Stress robs you of energy and slows you down. Relaxation allows constant and unhindered flow of energy throughout your body, thus opening the door for a better running performance.

4. Build the intensity gradually. Don’t push yourself from the get go. Start slow and build up gradually. It does take time to build up your stamina. Stick to the 10% rule. Only increase your distance by 10%/week.

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5. Recovery. Taking some days off doesn’t mean that you are lazy, it means that you are training smart and not letting your ego to get in the way of your success. Recovery plays a vital role in your stamina as training does. You should plan your runs, and distances depending on the days you are taking off, or cross training while you recover…

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