7 old school secrets for new muscle growth

7 old school secrets for new muscle growth

1. Avoid Over Training
Over training is performing any exercise more than is necessary for YOU in terms of volume and frequency. This is in terms of the number of reps, sets and the actual weight. If you ever feel like not training, you may be over-trained.

2. Weak body parts
If you have a weak body part, strop training it for a few weeks. Then start again with fewer sets. This usually works. Weak body parts can affect your physique appearance and your overall strength.

3. Increase your self esteem
Don’t reach for the sky. Make small steps in the gym every time you are in there. Achieving small goals at every workout will slowly build your self esteem and the way you see yourself in the gym.

4. Sticking point v Regression
A sticking point is something for you to overcome. Regression is when you are going backwards and not making any gains. Over Training can lead to regression.

5. Pump v Failure – Which triggers growth?
A pump is a great feeling in the gym which if you are lucky can last up to 20 minutes. A pump however is not responsible for overall muscle growth. What IS responsible is the training to failure principle, where on every exercise you do as much weight as possible to enable you to reach a rep where you cannot possibly push another rep (usually in the 8-12 rep range). Training to failure stimulates new muscle growth every time.

6. Spot reduction
Contrary to popular belief, you cannot spot reduce fat. Doing countless push-ups will not give you a six pack. Lowering your body-fat will do this.

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7. Aims for chest development
Very often body builders aim to train their chest so it pops out like two balloons. In reality, the chest muscles (pecs) are designed to look more slab-like, sitting nicely on your chest cavity, than “popping” out.

One of the greatest exercises for developing a decent and correctly shaped chest are the dips. Vary the angle of your arms and the angle of your body when you dip to hit various parts of your chest.

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