The Best Exercises for Getting Pumped Up

The Best Exercises for Getting Pumped Up

In the world of fitness, there are a range of exercises that can truly help you increase fat loss, bulk up and cut up too. With these specific exercises, you can see and feel results a lot faster and can also greatly improve your strength plus see a dramatic size increase when teamed up with a balanced diet and the right supplements.

Great for your back, legs, and cheeks (not the ones on your face), this exercise can be used to tone and strengthen certain parts of your body such as your lower back which means that your body is better supported as you increase your workout to lifting heavier weights. Don’t overlook this one, I personally experienced lower back pain at an early age and after doing deadlifts for several months, I feel less pain than I did before. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and squat with your bar or dumbbell in front of you, keeping your back straight and legs bent.

A bench press is great for working your chest and shoulders (aka the “show-off” muscles) and is a vital exercise for adding muscle to your upper body. Use your legs as additional support when you are doing a bench press as this is a perfect way of working an additional body part and also making sure that you can lift for longer, therefore improving your chances of muscular growth.

If you’re tired of having skinny legs, then squats are a great way to get defined calves, buttocks and quads. Keep your back arched during the squat so that you don’t injure your lower back and lower and lift slowly in fluid, controlled motions. Don’t dip down too far – an almost parallel squat can work your quads much better and you will see great definition a lot faster.

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Some people skip pull ups because they’re “difficult”, well no one said training to gain muscle was easy! Pull ups are great, but if they’re not challenging enough, then doing arched back reps are great for recruiting more muscles. Keeping your head back, you pull up towards the chest instead of the shoulders. This is great for working a range of muscles but hard work on your body if you’re not used to its intensity just yet make sure you have the right supplements to enable muscle recovery so that you can gain muscle mass and get the most out of this exercise. If it is still difficult, start simple with a chair for support. You’ll notice that over time, you won’t need the chair anymore.

There are all kinds of leg, back and arm extensions which you can fit into your routine to get a good pump on. Try the seated reverse grip Triceps Extensions making sure that you keep your upper arms still with your elbows tucked in to get the most out of this exercise. If I ever stress one thing too much, it’s quality over quantity. Make sure you are practicing good form because extensions are one of those workouts where you can really hurt yourself if you aren’t paying attention.

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