As you all know breakfast is the most important part of healthy lifestyle, so make sure consume nutrition balance breakfast. Good balance breakfast is 30 % of protein, 60 % carbohydrate and 10% of fat. Why breakfast so important? when you have breakfast meal ,you had trigger your metabolism to high and it will make sure your body system to never kept fats(transferring what you eat to energy sources and voila no fat stored ).Protein sources you can get from eggs, meat, chicken and protein powder. For the best carbohydrate, consume oat meal or pasta(less processed carbs easy to digest, don’t consume to many high processed carbs).

Also remember that complex carbohydrate better than simple carbohydrate. Fats sources you can get from olive oil or fish oil(if you use olive oil, never cook with olive oil because it will destroy the chemical structure and can active to cancer).So make sure you pour it up and mix it with your food.If you want to stay healthy and want to growth big muscle, make sure you get up earlier + prepare your breakfast +eat your breakfast like a BOSS!Simple Breakfast (this is for everyone that want to stay healthy for bodybuilder make sure add more portion for each protein, carbs and fats):

2 cup Oatmeal
2 egg white scramble
1 banana
2 glass water
2 spoon of olive oils or 1 tablet of fish oil

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