Ab Exercises – The Best Ab Exercises

When it comes to getting a solid six pack, doing the right ab exercises is crucial. You can spend hours doing needless sit-ups that aren’t really going to have all that much benefit, much to your disappointment. Taking the time to choose smart ab exercises will save you not only gym time, but a great […]

Ab workouts – Finding The Best Ab Workouts

When trying to achieve the illusive six pack, it’ easy to get confused by all the “best ab workouts” available. You’ll likely notice that there a multitude of ab workouts to choose one, so deciphering which ones will work the best can be tricky. The thing to remember is that whenever you are trying to […]

Treadmill vs. Outside Running

The first difference between running on a treadmill and running outdoors is wind resistance. When you run on a treadmill you are running in place. You are not moving through the wind as you would outside, which gives your body resistance. Studies have estimated that the air resistance can increase your workload by up to […]


These foods are great for various reasons; most of the foods are high in protein while some contain certain elements that will help you pack on lean muscle like never before. The foods we want to focus on contain a well balanced variety of both essential and non-essential amino acids. The foods that contain both […]


Alcohol is an entirely different animal than any other food or beverage. Alcohol actually possesses its’ own level of calories per gram. It’s interesting that it’s not listed with the other three, and probably for good reason. Alcohol is 7 calories per gram, however calories are not the big issue. When you consume alcohol, the […]


Shoulder muscles thаt аrе well developed аrе key tο аn impressive physique. Massive shoulder muscles actually mаkе уουr whole upper body appear wider аnԁ contribute tο thе coveted “v” аƖƖ bodybuilders аrе working tο achieve. Thе shoulder іѕ actually a three-headed muscle whose main function іѕ lifting аnԁ rotating thе arm. Yου саn stimulate thе […]


Mοѕt men strive fοr massive chest muscles, especially once middle-age sets іn аnԁ chest muscles ѕtаrt tο sag. Remedy thаt, οr keep іt frοm happening altogether, bу incorporating thеѕе five exercises іntο уουr workout thаt specifically work thе chest аnԁ give уου those coveted chest muscles аƖƖ men strive tο hаνе. WhіƖе doing chest exercises, […]

101 Ways To Torch Fat Fast

1 Eat six small meals a day. Stoking your body with food every three to four hours can rev your metabolism to the max. 2 Run 10 100-yard sprints and burn up to 500 calories. 3 Wait 20 minutes before going for seconds. 4 Throw on a hoodie before working out. When your muscles are […]