The next time you’re tempted to hit the treadmill when the temperature dips, consider this: Working out in cold weather may actually burn more calories than working out where it’s warm. A study from the University of Utah found that basal (resting) metabolic rate increases in cold temperatures because staying[…]

Cold Weather Cardio

There is no muscle that rounds out a balanced physique like the traps. They sit next to your neck and on top of your shoulders. Consider your chest and shoulders the mantle. The traps would be the trophy that sits on top of that mantle. I’m not sure about you,[…]

Keys to Massive Traps

The Planche push-up This is a variation of the push up in which your center of gravity must be above your hands. This is commonly done with feet propped up in the seat of a chair while your hands are on the ground performing the pushing movement. This provides great[…]

Seven Push-ups You May Not Know About.

Like a mythological creature, every person that exercises is aware of the coveted “anabolic window”. A window of time where the body morphs into a nutrient sucking beast that devours all in its’ path. It must be fed or your body will be consumed alive. Ok, a bit dramatic, no?[…]

What Is The Anabolic Window?

Shed the restraints and limits you impose upon yourself. Think big – where do you see yourself, and perhaps more importantly how do you want to see yourself, a week from now, month from now, 3 months from now…..Don’t believe the negative thoughts in your head that start with “I[…]

You will only become what you allow yourself to be.

With a constant wave of new workout plans, supplements and studies that provide different ideas on how to approach your training, it can be easy to lose focus of the big picture. Truly maximizing your results may always be a bit debatable, and it depends a lot on specific personal[…]

Quit fucking around and Lets get back to the basics