It’s been years since Mark Wahlberg has looked like the Calvin Klein underwear model he was in the 90’s. Mark is back in shape and more muscular than ever for his new film with the Rock Pain & Gain. He said he was eating up to 10 times a day[…]

Workout by Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg

The rock is not only a movie star but he is also a professional wrestler in the world famous WWE (where was the champion the last time I checked after beating CM Punk). When he was doing only wrestling the rock was not as shredded as he is now, he[…]

Workout by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

There is nothing better than a challenge. Can you do this? Are you man enough? Well, it’s time to introduce the “No Weights Workout” Challenge. Let’s see who can complete the workout, and who walks away. It may seem simple, especially since there are no weights, but don’t be fooled.[…]

No Weights Workout Challenge

There is no muscle that rounds out a balanced physique like the traps. They sit next to your neck and on top of your shoulders. Consider your chest and shoulders the mantle. The traps would be the trophy that sits on top of that mantle. I’m not sure about you,[…]

Keys to Massive Traps

The Planche push-up This is a variation of the push up in which your center of gravity must be above your hands. This is commonly done with feet propped up in the seat of a chair while your hands are on the ground performing the pushing movement. This provides great[…]

Seven Push-ups You May Not Know About.

I’m often asked what’s a good exercise for the gluteus and hamstrings. Bridges are one of the most underrated and underutilized exercises for working those muscles. The bridge is an excellent exercise to isolate and strengthen the gluteus, hamstrings, core stability muscles, hip/lower back as well as improve spinal stabilization.[…]

Why Do Glute Bridges?