Diet Types

There are too many diet types you can get. Different diet type for different goal, some for losing weight, gaining weight, lowering cholesterol and healthy life. Its depends on your own goals even you can come out with your own diet plan if its work .Today I like to explain some of the famous diet type that been giving good result to the people, If I discuss every diet types then I gone finish up with STRESS! I don’t want that happen to me or you, so I decide to share the most famous diet types that can help you to stay healthy!


The Atkins diet focuses on controlling the levels of insulin in out body through diet. This diet always consume low portion of carbs and high in protein so that, fats in our body turn into energy and will keep our body not storing fat .With this Atkins diet plan you can lose weight and come out with lean muscle that will get you to stay healthy.

This second popular die type .Blood type diet will have different types of plan according to the blood types. For example, blood type O always have problem when stress they could not control they self and ending hurting themselves without noticing, how should diet help that??this how diet help you, for type O they need to follow good nutrition balance foods to get ready for daily without proper foods or we can say consuming to much junk foods ,they get stuck on unhealthy zone that will make the brain set to low level metabolism and when get trigger by some job that they could not handle they get stress and end up hurting themselves. Another reason why blood types diet helps, they are certain research that founded each blood types have high risk in cancer or other health problem, using blood types diet you can alert about what disease that you can been affected and solve with the diet plan given to particular blood types.

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This diet is for serious people in bodybuilding. Anabolic diet consuming 5 days with high protein and fats without carbs and on weekdays consuming high carbs with low protein. The result of this diet is good for person that wants to lose weight faster! It’s really works because I’m done it but why I don’t stick with it ?Because I have found better diet that work for me ,basic diet that should consume 60% carbs,30% protein and 10 % fats.

Vegetarian diet is for the person don’t eat meat or animal product. The question that been, do vegetarian diet work for bulking? Yes, How? You should consume more rich in protein and carbs veggies. Maybe it’s tough but I promise that you can get result as same as the person consuming meat or animal products. Vegetarian diet is the best diet that been giving good result for health benefits, but why people don’t following this diet if it’s giving good result??Because they having problem in preparing the meals .When you get every food sources from veggies, It’s not easy to get on restaurant when you travelling, and another problem they must consume bigger portion of veggies to get certain amount of nutrition.

Whatever diet you want to follow, make sure you refer to nutrition doctor not any doctor because nutrition doctor more know about it. Let them know if you have health problem so that they can plan for you and choose the better diet type to you to follow.

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