What To Eat To Build Lean Muscle

What To Eat To Build Lean Muscle

Beef is one of the most recommended foods to build lean muscle since they have a lot of proteins to offer. Additionally, they contain cholesterol, vitamin B, iron and zinc. If you can get beef from cattle that are grass fed then this would work best for you. This is because grass fed cattle have got more conjugated linoleic acid than other forms of cattle. Thus, building lean muscle would be easy since fat shedding would be boosted by eating beef.

The protein obtained from salmon is similar to that which is obtained from pork, beef and chicken. The best thing about salmon is that they have low fat content (bad fats). Hence by eating salmon the risk of gaining high cholesterol levels is low. Omega 3 fats are also present in salmon which implies that you would be gaining benefits such as reducing heart diseases, glowing skin and healthy joints.

Beets are famous for betaine nutrient. This nutrient is the best remedy for joint problems and liver ailments. Studies have also proven that betaine helps to enhance muscle power and strength.

Brown Rice
To ensure that you train for hours without getting tired, brown rice is recommended for you. This rice takes time to be digested which ensures that your body retains energy during your workout sessions. Furthermore, brown rice boosts GH (Growth Hormone) levels and this encourages the lean muscle growth that you yearn for.

Eggs are an excellent choice for proteins. Medics argue that eggs help in boosting lean muscle growth and also enhancing strength gains. This is attributed to the yolks since cholesterol is found here.
At times people are worried about their cholesterol levels shooting up after eating a lot of yolks. Well, studies prove that cholesterol obtained from eggs help in reducing LDL i.e. bad cholesterol linked with atherosclerosis.

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Building lean muscle also requires that you take in some healthy carbs. Cantaloupe is a fruit considered to be the best in carbs that digest easily.

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