The Complete Guide To Delts Training – Exercises Sets & Reps

The key to developing delts that have a round, three-dimensional look is to proportionally develop all three heads. That way your delts look full whether viewed from the front, rear, or side. The most common mal-development pattern among trainers is having well developed front delts, moderately developed middle delts and seriously lagging rear delts. This will typically manifest […]

Natural Ways to Raise Bioavailable Testosterone in Athletes

As you already probably know, testosterone is one of the most important muscle building hormones produced in the body. Most of the testosterone in the blood is bound to a protein called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). The amount of testosterone that is not bound (“free” testosterone) can be actually used by the body for muscle […]

How to Lift Weights to Build Muscle – How Bodybuilders Do It

How to Lift Weights to Build Muscle There are several techniques and tips on how to lift weights to build muscle that all the successful bodybuilders and fitness models make use of. They know the importance of right techniques and how that can help them skyrocket their result. You see, when you know the right […]

8 High Protein Snacks You Can Eat Instead Of Junk Food

Whether you are a bodybuilder or a fitness athlete you know how important protein is for building muscle and burning fat. And If you are like me, working long hours, you probably already found out that sometimes, having a descent meal seems impossible. This is where high protein snacks come in handy. Eating healthy high protein […]

5 Minutes Flexibility and Stretching Home Workout

So why stretch? What’s the purpose? Listed below are just a few of the major benefits that stretching and increasing flexibility provide: 1. Prevent injury and relieve pain. By stretching you increase your full range of motion. This takes and pressure off of and away from your joints, doing this allows a steady flow of movement […]

6 Techniques to Increase Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

Low testosterone is a very common problem among men over the age of 30. In fact, every one in four guys above 30 suffers from low testosterone levels. This should not be taken lightly, as lack of testosterone doesn’t only affect your muscle growth. It can also trigger a shoal of other health related problems, and affect […]

Most Effective Chest Exercises (According To Science)

If you’re trying to build strong and well-defined chest without having any clue about the science behind chest exercises, as well as chest anatomy and function, good luck with that. Though you should be prepared to go through plenty of ineffective workouts and hit more training walls than you thought possible! It’s no secret that […]